How To Be A Beach Babe - The Three Rules

How To Be A Beach Babe - The Three Rules

Beach Babe Rules:

  1. Anyone can be a Beach Babe
  2. See rule 1
  3. Pack smart

Rosie is our resident supremo on packing smart and her three tips are:

  • roll your clothes rather than folding.  Saves space and creasing.
  • Put socks, knickers and small items, inside shoes.  Saves space and keeps shoes in shape
  • Take a pair of glitzy thong sandals which double up for, a glam by-the-pool look as well as for an effortless looking evening look.  Flat ones are even good for walking tours.

Maleka's tips are to pare down your toiletries to those that multi-task. Saves space, weight and you may be able to avoid checking in luggage:

  • Melting Cleansing Balm™ 100ml is super versatile:
    • Its a cleanser that hydrates and moisturises the skin as well
    • It removes eye make up
    • Use it as a body lotion
    • Use it as a pre-wash conditioner, letting it bake into your hair as you lay in the sun sipping something with an umbrella in it
    • Use it as a moisturising mask while you are on the balcony watching the sunset, before getting ready for the evening out
    • If you want to avoid blow-drying your hair, put it on damp hair and just scrape it back for a sophisticated 'wet-look'.
  • Decant toner, eye cream, and other skincare into small pots
  • Iconic Youth Serum™ is full of Echium Oil that is the best anti-inflammatory ever. UVA/B creates inflammation in the skin that damages it and causes premature ageing.
    • Apply IYS under your sunscreen while sunning and then as soon as you go back to your room.
    • Use it on any mildly red bits and on bald heads after the days sunning
    • It's so nourishing, it may well be enough without a moisturiser on top.
    • Use as lip balm
    • I've used it when I've had a few little midge bites or a heat rash. Note this is not medical advice or opinion and anything serious should have a medical opinion.
    • You can use it to nourish cuticles too.
    • Take travel sizes of deodorant, toothpaste.
    • Use after-sun with an insect repellent
    • If you wear bikinis, take two that flatter each other so you can mix and match tops and bottoms for 4 looks.

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