How To Get Best Results From Your Eye Cream?

How To Get Best Results From Your Eye Cream?

I am constantly frustrated by the advice for how to use eye cream by consultants in store (though it is what they have been trained to do) and the many YouTuber's videos.

How to apply eye cream. Merumaya skincare tips

When demonstrating, they all tell you to apply your eye cream to the Orbital Bone and then proceed to apply and massage the eye cream in to the Cheek Bone! That is is a bit too far from your lines, dryness, dark circles, puffiness etc. for my liking. 

In the image to the left, the Cheek Bone is labelled and the Orbital Bone is the light shaded area above the Cheek Bone and all around the eye.

Now, it is true that if you over load the eye area with eye cream it can cause a bit of puffiness, and if you get it inside the eye some stinging may occur. However, if you do not get it close enough, you don't treat the skin around the eyes either.

When I worked for large cosmetic brands we trained our consultants to advise customers to apply to the orbital bone (read cheek bone here) and with the blinking action, the product will move closer to the eye.  Quite possibly true but seriously, how far are you expecting it to travel? It's not a pilgrimage.  I believe this advice stems from the fear of complaints if customers get eye cream inside their eyes and then complain it stings. Well hello, of course it will sting so, don't put it IN your eye, put it around your eye.  Or if they use too much the eye area might get puffy and again, complaint... and obviously no-one wants complaints.Merumaya Best eye cream for dark circles, puffiness, lines. Intensely Youthful Eye Cream

That said, I am a big advocate of common sense and I trust you to use yours.  Use your ring finger (lightest pressure can be applied with this finger in comparison to the others) to feel around your eye. Pressing gently from cheek bone, move towards the eye slowly. You will feel as you get closer to the lower lash line, where the bone stops.  That bone you can feel is the Orbital Bone and in my opinion you should apply eye cream up to that bone (not just the cheek bone as per demos).  Now feel the top of the orbital bone and you should find that the upper orbital bone is close the the crease of your upper eye lid.  Again, apply eye cream from above the eyebrow to that point.  Now, it will travel the rest of the way towards the lashes with the blinking action. 

Couple of things...

  • Do NOT overload your fingers with eye cream. Add more if you require, but start with less.
  • This is particularly good at night when you are not risking your eye shadow creasing but even in the day time you can do this method of application and then use a primer for your eye lids. 
  • At night use a little more eye cream and massage round the orbital bone for 30 seconds so that you help to drain excess fluid from around the eyes which can collect and cause puffiness.

Let me know if you have any tips for getting the best out of your eye cream. Or if you start seeing better results from your eye cream as a result of this method, please share with us all.

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