Healthy Drinks? Watermelon Juice & Beyonce

Have 'Healthy Drinks' had you suckered?

The latest healthy drinks celebrity fad to follow cactus juice, coconut water, cayenne pepper water.... is Watermelon Juice. Apparently, Beyonce has invested! Watermelon is well known to have one of the highest sugar contents of all fruits!  Any of you who have followed the Atkins diet, or who have expelled carbohydrates from their lives, will know that. Doesn't that discount it from the healthy drinks category? Watermelon juice being a healthy drink is being touted under Health & Beauty sections in magazines.

The Ocado website shows that the 250ml bottle contains a humongous, 23.5 grams of sugar.  That is a whopping 94% of your 25grams/6 teaspoons, recommended daily intake of sugar.  Just last week Lorraine Kelly addressed sugar content on her morning show. 

Also, sugar in drinks, sugars effects on health and sugar tax, are hot topics.  So watermelon juice in the health drinks category flies in the face of all the efforts to curb the intake of sugar, address obesity, diabetes, glycation and skin ageing. The magazine said; -  'it's a potent source of Vitamin C''' - so are strawberries, kiwi, kale, broccoli, red peppers - 'It's rich in flavonoids such as lycopene and beta-carotene' - so are tomatoes and carrots - following from above point - they say they are 'powerful anti-oxidants that help protect against free radicals that cause cellular inflammation'. Hello! Sugar causes cellular inflammation! - 'It's high in an amino acid called L-citrulline', (also in liver, salmon, red meat), 'which is effective at reducing muscle soreness so you can glug on your way home from gym'. Presumably, so that you can put back all the calories you have burnt off? Outrageous! (in the voice of Victor Meldrew)  Just take the time to stretch properly and drink water (with electrolytes if you wish), to stay hydrated. - Then it says that although it is a healthy choice in its natural form (presume whole fruit), 'drinking it juiced enables better consumption of its nutrients'. Hang on a minute! Doesn't juicING and storage mean that it is less likely to keep nutrients, especially Vitamin C which is not stable; that you don't take in any of the fibre; that you just get a sugar rush quicker and then crash?

Our fascination with a celebrity all too often takes us to places beyond common sense and naming this as healthy drinks, with the link to Beyonce, seems irresponsible. What do you think? The drivel I read sometimes has me howling with laughter. Sometimes has me up on my soapbox, having a rant. Or despairing at the hoards of women who will spend their money on the latest, over-priced 'miracle'. Often my eyebrows are raising at the utter rubbish that we buy, simply because a celebrity-endorsed it. I continue to be amazed at how successfully we have been trained, to believe, that the more expensive something is, the better it is (not true!!!)

So, in the name of sanity, a return to common sense, supporting women, raising confident and well-informed daughters, genuine health and beauty, youthful ageing and, in an attempt to induce laughter, I am going to share my thoughts. They will be posted under THE RANT section of my blog. Join me, participate, comment, send me guest blogs and most of your inner lie detector, laugh and be happy!

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