Happy Living - Vulnerability

Happy Living - Vulnerability

Creativity takes courage

When I was younger, I loved writing – stories and poetry. I loved to draw and to paint. I used to put on singing and dancing performances and small plays and force my family to sit and watch. I remember the pride I felt as my mum displayed my poems, with accompanying art work, on the fridge. I relished in the applause and the raving reviews that would inevitably come my way after every performance. It made me feel good about myself.

I will never forget putting on a particularly funny performance that made my sister pee herself from laughing so hard! Looking back, I was a super creative child, expressing myself in these ways brought me great joy. I don’t really know when but at some point, I stopped readily expressing my creativity.

Creativity Different Sides of the Brain

My creative expression probably started to dwindle as I started to care about what other people thought of me. Individuals that are creating something are leaving themselves open to the criticism of others. Children don’t concern themselves with how they’re perceived by others. Children have the courage to do what makes them happy and brings them joy, regardless of whether others think it’s lame or silly.

After listening to Brene Brown’s book – the Power of Vulnerability, I learned that we are all creative, I think this is easy to see in children and I wrongly believed that most people grew out of being creative. The truth is that some of us choose to express our creativity and others do not. Those that do, tend to be happier and live more fulfilling lives.

I think a lot of adults, myself included, fall into the trap of thinking that if a task isn’t productive, it’s not worth doing.

You can’t possibly ‘waste time’ being creative when there’s a thousand other, more productive, uses of your time, right? Wrong…being creative should never be viewed as a waste of time.

Creativity is a form of play – it is essential for well-being, it is known to reduce stress and anxiety, it gives you a sense of purpose, it leads to a sense of pride and accomplishment, it requires the willingness to fail and try again, it encourages us to become lifelong learners and without it there is no innovation.

Creating content for this blog and social media platforms has brought me such a sense of calm and contentment. I encourage you to find a way to be creative, you could cook, sing, dance or draw do whatever you like, just find some way to express yourself.

Paula xo

Guest blog post by Paula Scott

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