Get that Job - in beauty

To Get that Job in the beauty industry means you have to compete with every other person who is 'passionate about beauty'.  Passion and a love of beauty are simply not enough.  Here are ways you can ensure your application gets you ahead. CV
  • No longer than two pages - lay it out so it is easy to read the key pieces of information. Most importantly what you have achieved.
  • A paragraph at the top, outlining your experience and personal qualities. This has to be strong; if not, the rest will not be read. This should be adapted to suit each job you apply for.
  • For each job state key achievements and key responsibilities. If it is not a well known company, add one sentence to inform what industry it operates in.
  • Spell correctly - no 'text speak'
  • Only apply if you can fulfill the key requirements of the job and experience required.  If you have the characteristics that you truly believe overcome a lack of experience, make that clear in the application.
Cover letter/email
  • Spell the employers name and company correctly.  Run a spell check before you send.
  • Briefly outline why you think you are suitable for application - do not repeat everything in your CV. Telling the prospective employer, everything you will gain from the job and nothing that they will gain from employing you? No! You should display a genuine interest in the company you are applying to. Make it a win win.
  • Show that you have picked up on the key requirements for the job and explain how you can fulfill them.  Have the advert to hand.
  • If you are copying and pasting cover letters, make sure the name of another company is not in the content - we know you are applying for other jobs but we are looking for attention to detail
Telephone screenings
  • Know who you have applied to! It is not the employers job to remind you.
  • Sound alert, enthusiastic and speak clearly - you are being interviewed!
  • Don't call back and say 'I had a missed call - who is it'?  Listen to voicemail before calling back.
  • You have to sell yourself.  Smile while you are speaking. Listen actively and respond appropriately.
  • If it is not a good time for a telephone screening, politely tell the employer that and ask if you can call back at a specific time.
  • Only accept the interview if you are genuinely interested in the job - do not waste peoples time
  • Show up for the interview and on time. If you change your mind, show the courtesy to cancel the appointment in advance.
  • Wear a full make up if you are applying for a job in beauty.  Be well groomed.
  • Prepare by looking at the company website and make reference to it. Show you have real interest by visiting the locations where they sell their products and make reference to that
  • Provide examples of your work, achievements, experience or your personal qualities that lend themselves to the job requirements.
  • Demonstrate that you know something about the day to day activities of the job you are applying for.  If you do not have experience, make sure you have spoken to someone who does a similar job and can speak knowledgeably about what it entails.
  • Make your experience relevant e.g. if you are applying for a job selling skincare, saying you 'love make up', does not cut it.
  • Answer the question that has been asked, adding any specific examples.
Candid Camera moments
  • 15 minutes into a telephone screening applicant says, 'sorry, which company am I talking to'?
  • 'I want to be a beauty PR because I like writing' - it is the smallest part of the job
  • 'I love make-up' - me; 'do you know this is a skincare business'?
  • Cover letter says, 'I'd like to work for Dior because...'.  Hello... this is MERUMAYA!
  • 'No, I haven't had time to look at your website'....Really? Even though you are unemployed?
  • Spelling my name Malika, Melaka, Melica, Melika - when it was on the email I sent you, at least 2-3 times.
  • Sending a text to the employer and telling them they should remind you who you have applied to!
  • Applying for a job that involves national travel and not being prepared to travel.
  • 'I am passionate about beauty'....mmmm! Not really differentiating you vs 15 million other women is it?
Share your experiences and questions in the comments below. I will aim to respond to all those that are genuine.

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