I have swallowed a couple of brave pills.....so here it is....... out in the open......... no longer a best kept secret...... I am out of the closet and there is no turning back.  I am creating a skincare brand.  Eek!  

employment to entrepreneur I am exhilarated, to be making my dream come true, though terror grips me from time to time.  I am so hopeful, that I will get the support of everyone I know and have done business with in my past 29 years in the cosmetics business.  I am excited, by the potential for success on my own though desperate not to fall flat on my face.  I am afraid, that I am putting every penny I have into this....not going to finish that because it will be a success.  I am learning how much I do not know, (why does it come as a surprise that it is always much more than we do know?) despite a very successful career to date, though am putting to good use all my commercial skills.  I know, that if I do not find the courage to have a go, I will regret it when I am in my rocking chair reminiscing and I always said, if I must have regrets they should be things I actually did, not those I did not find the courage to try.  I continue to live by Ye Old English Proverb ' 'tis better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all'.  This proverb was inscribed on a toilet roll holder when I was growing up so, you can imagine how often I read it and truly, it has been somewhat of a mantra and led me to try (and succeed) to negotiate for things my contemporaries might have considered impossible. I am determined to create an Integrative, Effective Skincare line that delivers first class anti-ageing results at an accessible price.   Failure is not an option.

 The stars must at last, be aligning in all corners of my life.  I am so happy because I finally had a baby named Yasmin, after five miscarriages and, at the age of 48 (it was natural), met my now husband Michael, bought and renovated a house and feel I might be getting my happily ever after  (Hope I haven’t jinxed myself).  Anyone out there wondering if their moment is ever coming?  DON'T give up - what is meant for you won't go by you. I am writing this blog for two reasons; the first is to give encouragement to all the women (and men) who would like to start their own business and need a strong dose of courage, encouragement and a fair idea of what it takes along the way; some lessons if you will.   The second, is to tell you about MERUMAYA Integrative, Effective Skincare, as it is created and to have your input please and I hope, you will be inspired to purchase when I launch.  The third, (yes I know I said two reasons, but I wasn't planning to admit to this next one), is that I secretly hope this will be discovered and turned into a Hollywood film like the Julia Child's cookery one or a series like Sex in the City, perhaps a television documentary or even a column.  You may well laugh but anything is possible.

Having come out of corporate life to start a business, I entertained all kinds of things including property development, of which I have zero knowledge (what was I thinking?).  I settled on starting a consultancy business in the worlds I knew, beauty, retail and luxury and with my currency being experience, knowledge of market and an enviable contact list and it required minimal investment.  I was hoping that somewhere along the way I would come across a company in which I could take equity and as a partner, build the business.  While there were some opportunities to take a share in businesses, none made my heart sing.  That said, I made some good inroads with the consultancy including, doing some work for Marks and Spencer and settled into a new rhythm in which I developed my Five Pillars to a Happy(ier) Life (5P2aHL). Do at least one thing every day to develop; Business (or career), Self, Relationships, Learning and Giving/Gratitude. More on that in a later post. In the early summer of 2010, during a Skype call with my best friend Michelle, she said 'I think you have done really well with the consultancy Maleka.  I have known you since you were 17 and you always talked of having a business, a brand, but I never heard you say you want to be a consultant.  What are you waiting for?'  That was a light bulb moment, it was time to get a wiggle on and so my journey to create a skincare brand began and along with it a whole new education........I will be as honest as possible about my triumphs, trials and tribulations to provide lessons that can be applied to any start up, any life.

Lesson - Start your business in a field that you know well.

Lesson - Follow your dream and your vision with focus.  Taking 'safer' options wastes time.

 5P2AHL - self, business, giving/gratitude, learning, relationships[/caption] Recommendations  5P2aHL 

-  Read Notes From A Friend by Anthony Robbins. Insert into search engine and you may be able to get it free but if not, it is only about £6.99 and a quick, though potentially attitude developing read

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