Does Your Skincare Contain Happiness & Confidence?

Does Your Skincare Contain Happiness & Confidence?

Happiness and confidence are essential for achieving your most beautiful self.

When I was creating the brand, I was determined that we would create an equal importance on how you feel, as well as how you look.  Your confidence and happiness are central to our product formulations and the messages that we communicate.  I believe with all my heart that we are all, perfectly imperfect women and we just need to get comfortable with ourselves much earlier. 

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Signature Essenve Blend, featured in all MERUMAYA products except eye

Smell has a profound and under-estimated effect on our moods and the confidence we exude....or, in some cases, don't. Fragrance-containing molecules pass through nasal receptors when we breathe in. They are converted to nerve impulses before they reach the olfactory bulb at the base of the brain. Commonly called the limbic system, it is responsible for instructions to enhance our feelings via our memories and create happiness. If a smell reminds us of or inspires confidence, we will actually feel more confident.

I worked with a fragrance blender to create my Signature Essence Blend.  We selected ingredients that are renowned for boosting a positive frame of mind and increasing confidence, attraction and happiness, as well as having positive benefits on the skin.

We get the most amazing comments on it and always asked, "what is in it"?  Below shows how some of the ingredients work to improve confidence, attraction, feelings of self worth and our moods.

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The base notes are woody, musky, animalic; stimulating pheromones, awakening sensuality and reducing inhibitions.  We included nature-identical molecules of animal scents that were used in times gone by to increase confidence, attraction and even testosterone.  

Musk - Increases inner strength, calms nerves, reduces anxiety and is sexually stimulating.

Civet - smoky and sweaty, it strengthens the heart and spirits. Stimulates creative thinking, elevates energy levels, uplifts mood and improves any loss of libido. It is an aphrodisiac, rejuvenating, stimulating and also calming.

Ambergris - is sweet, earthy and animalic.

Castoreum - alleviates anxiety and induces pheromone responses in the brain.

Patchouli - releases serotonin and dopamine (our happy hormones). It is Patchouli, featured in Signature Essence Blendaphrodisiac and  eases feelings of anger, anxiety and anxiousness.  It helps to alienate inflammation too so, it's considered a remedy for acne, eczema, scars and ageing.

The middle notes are exotic, floral, feminine, sensual and will be familiar to you individually but this blend highlights there versatility further.

Ylang Ylang - energising, aphrodisiac qualities. anti-depressant it has a positive effect on emotions, lifting moods.  Romantic and uplifting while also calming and relaxing.

Jasmine, featured in Signature Essence BlendJasmine - described as heavenly, exotic, narcotic, intoxicating, sensuous, heady with an almost animal quality. It lifts spirits, relaxes the body to help dissolve emotional barriers.  It symbolises hope and is the perfume of love in India.  It helps overcome a diminished sense of self worth and lifts confidence, helping to combat pessimism.

The top notes are citrus and green herbs, giving an initial feeling of light-heartedness, playfulness and awakening the senses.

Neroli, featured in Signature Essence BlendNeroli - Soothes agitated nerves, relieves feelings of despair and helps decrease cortisol (the stress hormone in our bodies). It's said to relieve symptoms of menopause

Basil - a tonic for nervous disorders and stress, it helps to open the mind and helps focus and concentration.

Most of our products contain the Signature Essence Blend, except eye products.  As it contains natural essences and oils, though distinctly recognisable, it does smell slightly different in each formulation. This just adds to the texture, life and depth of the experience.

Have you seen our video about the importance of happiness in skincare, featuring cosmetic scientists Chris Smith and Professor Karl Lintner?

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