Does Daily SPF Prevent Skin Ageing?

Does Daily SPF Prevent Skin Ageing?

Does SPF within skincare and make up products go far enough to prevent skin ageing?

The simple answer is, SPF is of key importance in helping to prevent skin ageing but it's unlikely it goes far enough. That said, every little helps and in the case of SPF, more is better so get slathering and continue reading.

Professor Karl Lintner says, "Higher SPF but mostly, greater amounts of SPF applied and re-applied frequently, will help the skin to stay younger". Studies have shown that the filtering effects counts for only about 10% of the protection whereas the amount and diligence of the application, compliant with instructions, provides the true sun protection.

On the beach we do not use enough and often, things like sand sticking to us, concerns we wont get a tan and cost, means we re-apply less often and less liberally than we should. On the face, the feel of the product, whether it gives the skin a grey chalky cast and make up application mean that we do not apply enough. That and we are unlikely to re-apply over our make up.


Keep applying because every little bit helps but don't get a false sense of security by using an SPF 50, that alone is giving adequate protection.

Will using SPF in skincare and makeup keep my skin young?

Cosmetic scientist Chris Smith says "UV exposure is only one factor in premature skin ageing, albeit a very important one. Applying a daily SPF will definitely go a long way towards preserving the youthful appearance of skin".

That said, there are many other factors that also accelerate the ageing of skin.  Stress, diet, pollution, smoking, health, inflammation and simply getting older.  All these factors affect how your skin performs and how efficient it's functions are e.g. cell turnover, collagen production, skin barrier, natural moisturising factor, melanin production, elastin fibres etc. SPF does nothing to impact skin performance, and solely reduces the UV rays from getting in and causing further or accelerated damage.


You should definitely use daily SPF protection in a minimum of SPF 15, however recognise that it cannot stop the clock and you should avoid any brand that tells you it will or that had ANTI-ageing as part of their narrative. You definitely need other active ingredients to stimulate, support and supplement skin performance, in order to get the maximum opportunity to age youthfully.

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