Couture Cleansing. It's the future for great skin

Couture Cleansing ensures that your cleansing routine is personal and 'custom-fits' the ever changing needs of your skin, in real time.

Old-school thinking had us believing that skin changes only with menstrual cycles or seasons.  If you've got skin, you will already know that is nonsense.  Skin's surface changes all the time and Couture Cleansing offers an immediate solution to alleviate.  Unlike a full on treatment products which unless otherwise stated give best results when used twice a day, cleansers and toners can be mixed up.

Whether your skin is looking and feeling dehydrated and tight, spotty and congested, dull and sallow, hormonal or dry Couture Cleansing offers instant solutions.

Couture Cleansing Set Checklist MERUMAYA Skincare

A few guidelines:

  • Always use the cleansing balm to remove make up at night. It is best to cut through make up, SPF moisturiser, pollution and grime.
  • Chose between a cleansing balm and face wash for your second PM cleanse and morning cleanse, depending on how your skin is feeling/behaving at that time.  If dry, dehydrated, tight, normal, use the cleansing balm. If polluted, congested, dull, spotty, oily, hormonal, use the face wash.
  • Alternate your toners between day and night.  It is entirely up to you when you use the exfoliating vs hydrating/brightening toner.  If you use Retinol products at night, exfoliating gently with the acid toner may help it absorb better.  Using a hydrating toner in the morning may give extra plumpness and smoothness to skin.  You decide which works best for your skin
  • It's not more expensive because you will be using the same amount of cleanser and having two just means, together they last longer.

Your skin will thank you for Couture Cleansing because it helps to treat the immediate and surface needs of the skin and let's face it, that is the bit you see and feel.

This is one version of Couture Cleansing™, though you can also add other products as you wish.

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