Cleansing skin for lazy girls

There is no way around skin cleansing if you want great skin!  Your choice, but I know from decades of yo-yo skin, that there is not a wipe or micellar water in the world, that can take the place of a gentle, thorough cleanse.  If you are a lazy girl like me, when it comes to cleansing, do it as soon as you get home in the evening.  As the nights are drawing in and we want more 'cosy', it is a joyous feeling to jump into bed, feeling a bit smug that you have already cleansed.  Here is how you can get the quickest, most effective cleanse.

1. Use an eye makeup's your eyes!  Speed it up by doing both eyes at the same time.  Tip, hold dampened cotton pad firmly over lashes for 10 seconds before wiping.

2. Whatever your skin type, use a cleansing balm to remove make up.  Speed it up by using one in a tube that does not need time-wasting 'warming'.  Tip, use a hot-cloth to 'steam-clean', for thoroughness.

3. A double cleanse, is only needed at night, if you are wearing heavy make up or sunscreen.  Speed it up by using entire palms to massage in, rather than just finger tips.  Tip, use running water.  It's clean and you don't have a 'ring' around the sink, that needs wiping up.

4. Problem skins need to clean the skin, after removing make up.  Speed it up Use an exfoliating, gentle facial wash for double benefits.  Tip, ditch the electric cleansing brush for a more gentle brush. 

That's it folks!  At 45 seconds per cleanse, you are on your way to vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

A few more tips;

Cleansing skin lazy girls

- Do cleanse in the morning.  You can apply a tiny bit of cleanser and rinse in the shower.  If you replace your morning cleanse, with exfoliation or mask 2-3 days a week, you don't feel like you are taking extra time from your day, to exfoliate or mask.

- Use a cleansing balm with anti-inflammatory - it helps soothe sensitive and acneic skins and helps prevent further skin ageing.  Echium Oil is the best anti-inflammatory that we know.

- Avoid cleansing balms with high levels of clogging, thick waxes in them (usually in pots). Often it's beeswax (animal derived so, not vegan).  They take longer to cleanse, you have to use a cloth to remove and a cleansing balm with Sweet Almond Oil in it is much more nourishing.

- Use facial washes with gentle surfactants (foaming agents) that don't irritate the skin.  If it also gently exfoliates, contains anti spot ingredients and anti-oxidant protection, so much the better.

- Avoid pure oil cleansers to remove eye makeup, as they can clog the tear ducts and cause puffy eyes and 'bags'.

- Cut open the end of the tube of cleansing balm, to get the very last drops out.  We overfill every product vs. the weight claimed, so you don't have waste.

- Use a freshly laundered cleansing cloth every cleanse.  Take the bore & chore out of cleansing and you will get your best skin.

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