Can Skincare Create Confidence?

Can Skincare Create Confidence?

At MERUMAYA®, it's been our mission since founding the company that as well as making people look healthier we always want to make people feel happier and more confident.  We get asked all the time, "is that really possible?".

Yes!  Skincare can create confidence.  It's been proven and it will be a dominating feature of brand communications in future months and years.  Thing is, you need to look for those who have always had womens' confidence as central to their brand communications. 

MERUMAYA® has always had women's confidence and feelings of attraction at the core of the brand creation and the product formulae.  We have always known there is a two pronged effect:

The first is physical.  When your skin is visibly improved, you face the world less self-conscious and therefore more confident.  The face is the most looked at part of the body and is the most critically judged by ourselves and others.  The face also provides expression that communicates our inner feelings, be they insecurity or confidence.  There is no doubt that when you feel more confident, you are more likely to perform better in situations such as interviews, first dates, appraisals, public speaking and for some, just engaging in day to day interactions.

Therefore, using the quality and concentrations of proven ingredients was of paramount importance when I created MERUMAYA®.  Not only that, but I wanted even sensitive and acneic skins to be able to tolerate high performance skincare ingredients.  For these skins, even when you can cover your skin with make up, there is still the underlying knowledge that the skin underneath is not in best condition.  Because the formulas are so robust and well balanced you will see and feel a difference in your skin.  That makes you feel more positive about yourself.  Add to that how uplifted you will feel when a friend or peer comments on an improvement in your skin.

The second is smell.  We went against the industry flow by including our Signature Essence Blend in our formulations.  It was carefully created to have seriously positive effects on how we feel.  Smell, our most developed sense, is very much linked to moods, emotions, confidence and attraction via the limbic system, which associates with memories.  When you smell a note that your memory connects to positively, it can instantly make you feel confident, positive, more attractive, sexier, happier.  Hence we included floral, herbaceous, woody, musky animalic notes that will link into your limbic system and make positive associations.

Our Signature Essence Blend not only adds feelings of pleasure which are uplifting, the smell can help in stressful situations to make you feel more confident.  You can literally stand taller, smile more, engage with good eye contact, speak more clearly and that sends signals to others of confidence, so that you are less likely to be dismissed or overlooked.  Underestimated, is the effect it can have on performance, focus and concentration.  This can help your performance and resilience in the work place, at the gym, when talking to doctors, recruiters, bosses, teachers and even when in competitive or intimate situations.

I've included just one customer comment because it demonstrates exactly what we set out to do in terms of improvement in the skin, sensual textures and uplifting confidence which adds pleasure and happiness to your life. every day.

"I have tried tons of anti-aging serums, but I have to say that the Iconic Youth Serum™ is by far the best I've ever tried.  I like the texture (fresh and not too rich) and the soft and smooth feel of the skin just after the application.  I have been using it for a few weeks now, and I start to see the long-term benefits too (that's usually where the other products only partly keep their promise...).
Ah, and the smell is addictive too, it makes you feel confident!
Really great product in many ways...""

Try out Iconic Youth Serum™, or if you already use MERUMAYA® skincare, make sure to apply it before you go to the gym being sure to get a little on the top lip, under the nose.  Or use the Hydrate & Protect™ Hand Cream on hands or a little on the chest. Places where you'll catch a whiff throughout the day.  Smelling positive notes can make you feel more resolute about going to the gym or attending interviews etc.  That strengthened resolve and attitude will improve your performance.

Do you have a positive memory that makes you feel more confident? What do you normally do to increase confidence? Let me know in the comments below.

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