Calling B.S on 'New Year, New Me'

Calling B.S on 'New Year, New Me'

"New year, new me". Hands up if you've ever said that statement, come on... be honest! ( too)

I think we've probably at one time or another proclaimed that with the start of a new year we shall truly transform ourselves. Out with the old, in with the new.

The first household shop of the month is overflowing with greens, you spend way more than you should buying a snazzy bit of kitchen equipment, thinking that THIS will be the year that you really commit to more home cooking and less Deliveroo. You invest in a gym membership and a pair of leggings that (really do) make your butt look great, convinced that that's the hard part done!

Cut to - 3 months later, you've gone to the gym once for your induction where (let's be honest) you barely broke a sweat because the instructor was quite hot and you didn't want to look gross or stupid in front of them. Your leggings lie at the back of your closet collecting dust until you want to nip to the shop for a bag of Dorito's and you have to look like you've done something to deserve them.

New Year New Me meme

We all do this, or have done at some point (or in my case MANY times) during our lives! Just like the expectation that New Years Eve has got to be some enormously fun hoo-haa or you're a bit of a loser. So has the idea that with the new year, comes an overhaul on the bad parts of our personalities. Even if you don't buy into the whole "resolution" aspect, I'm pretty sure even you have said to yourself "ok, but this year I'm going to______". On some subconscious level we've all been trained to believe that when it get's to the New Year we have to change something, or we're bad people.

Well I'm calling BULLSHIT!

The idea that we have to change ourselves in order to be considered a success in society is complete rubbish. Just as women have to "skinny, blondie, booby, girlie girls" and men have to be "big, strong, manly men", It's something we've forced on ourselves and we need to grow out of. The New Year shouldn't mean having to change yourself! If anything it should encourage you to ACCEPT yourself. I mean, you've just spent a whole year with you! You know what you're like - stop trying to be someone else - the world has plenty of those already. I think that what people (including myself) consider New Years to be, is an instigator of "self betterment" - but it seems to me that society has a very self deprecating view of what that means. Being "better" shouldn't mean being someone else!

If like me you don't like the gym (mainly because it gives you heart palpitations before you start any form of exercise) then stop pretending you do! Stop lying to yourself and saying you'll go when you know you won't. New Years should be about understanding that the gym doesn't work for you and that's ok. It should be about finding a healthy alternative that you might actually prefer. For me that means saving my £20 per month for drinks on a Friday and doing yoga at home, or going for a run.

Chloe Haggag - Graphic Designer
It's not easy facing up to the fact that you're unrealistic expectations of yourself are exactly that, but we torture ourselves in far worse ways, the least we could do is spend slightly less each month doing it.

Happy Fucking New Year!

Guest post by Chloe Haggag

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