Best Makeup Brush Cleaner is already in your Bathroom

Best Makeup Brush Cleaner is already in your Bathroom

I discovered the best Makeup Brush Cleaner by accident. No more extra expense. No more having yet another product to squeeze into my bathroom cabinet. No more messy makeup brush cleaner, that needs draining on the side of the basin before you put it away.  No more astringent liquid makeup brush cleaner that dries out the hairs on my brushes, leaving them brittle and rough.

Enter Luxury Facial Wash™.  I already use it to clean the Manual Cleansing Brush™. Why had I not hit upon the fact that if it is good enough for skin, it will make an excellent makeup brush cleaner?  It was so late at night, I was so sleep deprived but I had to test it out on a cloggy, foundation caked brush, right now.  It worked a treat. I gave it a second wash just to check the first had been thorough and yes, one wash would have been enough. I finished my night time skincare routine, more than ready for bed and then hit on the idea of trying it with Melting Cleansing Balm™.  I was torn between bed and the excitement of a new idea.  Would it clean well enough and be a conditioning makeup brush cleaner?  Yay! It was fantastic at cleaning and conditioning the hairs.  As I rinsed away the Melting Cleansing Balm™ the brush hairs felt just like my hair does when I am rinsing out a really good hair conditioner or after I've done a hair and scalp treatment with Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™. Silky, smooth, untangled. 

The next morning, I checked both brushes to ensure that they had dried without any adverse effects, especially the ones with Melting Cleansing Balm™.  Perfect. Next test was to use it to apply my foundation and I was delighted with how smooth it felt and how well my foundation applied.  It definitely applied smoother and more evenly. Both cleansers work really well on all brushes with all kinds of product on them.  Please give it a go and add even more value to your MERUMAYA® cleansers.  I love finding new ways to get more practical use out of the products we have, reduce expense, save your precious time and reduce the number of bottles and tubes in the bathroom cabinet. Many makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge, Nadira, Tricia Woolston, PixiWoo, Ariane Poole and  Armand Beasley have raved about Melting Cleansing Balm™ and Luxury Facial Wash™ and we'll be asking them to try it out. Let us know what you think too please.

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