Best facial oil - 10 extra uses

Facial Oil use has exploded in popularity in recent years and some are ridiculously high prices. It's been driven by, the early organic brands who were limited to oils and balms.   The increase in spa's and spa travel.  The embracing of eastern and holistic living.  From a commercial aspect, brands limited on the type of formula they could produce, could only increase their sales by introducing different versions, of those forms.  Not to be too cynical, but that is one reason why we are encouraged to buy a facial oil, body oil, hair oil, cuticle oil, anti-ageing facial oil, cellulite oil, acne oil, sensitive-skin get my drift? Here are uses for your facial oil so that you use them up before they go rancid:
  • A thin layer to stop nail enamel smudging (conditioning at the same time)
  • A tiny amount to stop frizzies and fly-away hair - before or after styling
  • A hand and/or foot treatment.  Apply, use plastic bags or gloves and immerse in warm water for 10 minutes.  Or use cotton gloves/socks and leave overnight
  • In the bath or even as a pre-bath treatment.
  • Overnight scalp treatment to help prevent itchy, flaky scalps.
  • A small amount applied to hair ends before swimming in chlorine - I do this for my 4 year old daughter who has very long hair and it is so easy to get knots out afterwards and it is super shiny.
  • A moisture boost - add a few drops to face or body moisturiser
  • Behind the ears where it gets dry and also to soothe irritation from earring sensitivities.
  • Lip and lash conditioning
  • After shaving legs
  • A drop in your foundation for extra dewy glow
  • To soothe sore nostrils when you have a cold and have been blowing your nose constantly.
  • Massage into stretch-mark prone areas when you are losing or gaining weight.
  • Massage into muscles after excercise - the muscles will be soothed.
  • Apply to the body before a sauna
Let me know in the comments if you have other tips on how to use facial oil. Our Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ was created to give you a moisture boost everywhere, to save your precious time, to save you shelf space and to save you money.  And it contains the exclusive Kahai Oil which has even better properties than Argan Oil; more Vitamin E, more linoleic acid and more natural retinol than rosehip oil. MERUMAYA Kahai Oil Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil

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