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Best Face Serum For Teens & Tweens

Best Face Serum For Teens & Tweens

Hats off to all you ladies (and men) in your teens and tweens. You are much more savvy than were were about preventing premature ageing of your skin.

  • You generally use a daily SPF and certainly do when sunbathing. I was a Hawaiin Tropic SPF 2 or 4 girl and frequently got sun burnt.
  • You cleanse - I don't count wipes!
  • You don't sit in smoke filled offices, restaurants, trains and planes like I did.
  • You know that starting on eye cream early will help stave off the first visible signs of ageing

That said, you guys are more likely to turn to botox as a preventative measure. I think you should also prioritise the importance of using a serum with high levels of anti-inflammatory ingredients on your skin. The really good ones, like Echium Oil, help to prevent skin ageing as well as calming sensitivity and spots.  You can get good hydration, prevent future skin ageing and help prevent and soothe spots all at the same time if you chose wisely. And, it wont feel heavy or sticky or oily.

Echium Oil contains a really high level of Stearidonic Acid. Much higher than fish oils, borage oil and blackcurrant oil.  12-14% vs 2-4%.  It is this that is the most amazing anti-inflammatory, reducing damage in your skin caused by pollution, UVA/B exposure, smoke, sugars, free radicals, spots, lack of sleep etc.  And, it is a plant source or Omega 3, 6, and 9!.


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