Best Face Serum for Acne Prone Skins

That tell-tale feeling is all too vivid in my memory.  You are mid conversation and suddenly you feel that familiar twinge of pain. Moving into face stretching grimaces confirms it. Next your fingers go to face. Patting, prodding... yep, it is the lump under the skin.  You look in the mirror and see that almost imperceptible redness.  Wishing during this process, that is a false alarm, has not worked.  Your mind searches for the why... and you remember two nights ago when you fell into bed without cleansing.  Next, a mental scanning of your diary to ascertain which big event this is going to ruin.  STOP RIGHT THERE!

Don't reach for the most aggressive spot treatment you can find.  You need a combination of effective spot treatment and soothing anti-inflammatory to make short work of getting rid of the spot, prevent skin damage and that awful crusty mess that is impossible to cover with concealer.  Your skin still needs TLC.

Anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients make Iconic Youth Serum™ effective in dealing with blemish prone skin.

  • By stimulating intrinsic beta-defensin peptides, Primal Hyall™ helps to prevent microbial invasions that cause spots. All the while helping to keep skin hydrated without oiliness
  • Echium OIl is an exceptional anti-inflammatory and that helps to calm redness and the inflammation.
  • Turmeric, is anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • Essential minerals including Zinc, known for healing and repair are included

Use it morning and night, under Concentrated Spot Treatment™ and see the difference for yourself.  For more information on caring for spot prone skin please see this blog post here.

Note: the information contained is cosmetic and we recommend that you also seek the advice of a doctor or dermatologist if you think you have acne.

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