Beauty Basics - The 3 R's: Remove, Refine, Restore!

Beauty Basics - The 3 R's: Remove, Refine, Restore!

The only thing about more, more, more, it that it has become chore, chore, chore!

Is that how you feel when you peek your head around the bathroom cabinet and look at the myriad of skincare products that just don't make sense, don't deliver on the promise, don't work together and don't fit your skin?  But they do... make you feel a tad guilty about the money and the waste. Or perhaps they make you feel crappy, that despite all the products, you still have not morphed into one of the insta-perfect images of beauty, nor do you look 10 years younger?

Don't worry. It is not your fault, you are not alone and the good news?  There is a way out of that maze. 

So, what could be the cause?

bathroom shelf full beauty skincare products overflowing• Over the last few years there has been an absolute frenzy of single products claiming can't-live-without-miracle-status. Their seduction has you feeling hopeful this one will make you look perfect, and you'll be sooo left out if you don't buy it.

• The 'Korean' trend for 17-step skincare routines has spurned a whole host of additional items that are suddenly 'essential'.  Most of the people writing about this trend miss out the significance of the Korean culture, that leads to this extended beauty routine.   And, the 60-90 minutes they can spend on it. Have you got that time? That culture? That skin? That amount of money? Most people raving about the virtues of Korean skincare steps have never been to Korea, nor spoken to Korean women as to the significance of the culture and rationale. Instead they have been induced by the chance to be the 'first to discover' a new trend. Most corporate beauty companies are simply concerned with making money and so, dip their toes into the trend, just in case it becomes a big money maker. Then they can scale up quickly.

•  The rise of products with apparently, ramped up concentrations of a single Active Ingredient. Look out for the words X% of xxxSolution. And don't forget that a single ingredient does not do it all so, you will likely have to buy 9 other products each with a single ingredient and then spend hours opening, closing, applying them in layers to your skin.

• The increase in the Insta-influence. The volumes (and may I say repetitive and un-educational) morning and evening skincare routine lines ups. Unless they educate the audience as to why, its just a big yawn.  Then there are the literally thousands and thousands of edited images showing perfect complexions, brows, highlighting etc. The effects of this on our self esteem are well documented and it adds to the more, more, more we cram into our bathroom cabinets

• The rise of the Beauty Blogger, YouTuber and E-zines. There is the Bolt-like sprint to see who can review it first, who gets the exclusive, who gets paid most for reviewing. But think about it.  It is their 'job' to offer their readers new material and the easiest way is to review new products. Though some to It's much more time consuming to create interesting content with expertise, deep knowledge and experience. But seriously, if you end up copying the chop and changing, swapping in and out of products that an influencer does (for their 'job'), you could just wreck your skin.  I've loved reading the reviews of many, who's skins have gone a bit bonkers, so they've pared down their routines and stuck with the same products. Every one that I have read reports improvement in their skin. 

    How do you get out with your skin and dignity intact?

    • Get Back To Basics. Get some consistency into your routine and allow your skin the chance to settle down and for the the active ingredients to actually have time to work.
    • Start with the 3 R's. 
      • REMOVE - cleanse skin twice a day. Double cleanse PM if wearing make up
      • REFINE - exfoliate, brighten and hydrate, using only one toner
      • REPLENISH - nourish and feed your skin
    • Once that is sorted, you can move on to RESTORE which is about improving particular issues unique to you, whether dryness, spots, dullness, skin ageing etc.


    Maleka is committed to helping you through the maze and getting your best skin ever.  Book your free skincare consultation with her personally by emailing




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