Are You Wasting Money On Beauty Products?

Are You Wasting Money On Beauty Products?

Stop Wasting Money

One of the most common complaints is of 'wasted' money on beauty products.

Here are some tips on how to avoid that.


How many times did you get seduced by the advertising campaign for the latest must-have fragrance? Two lovers chasing through the streets of Paris...he loses her...but follows her alluring scent all the way to the Eiffel Tower.  She feels his strong masculine body against hers and his breath on her neck as he inhales the intoxicating smell and... pooof! He is left holding her billowing silk scarf as she rides off into the night....It smelt great in the shop and so you snapped it up, perhaps even feeling a little smug; knowing you were one of the first to have it and perhaps, that gorgeous man was going to appear and whisk you off to Paris.  Alas, he doesn't join you on the No9 bus home and on the journey from your shopping trip, you start to feel a little uncomfortable, perhaps the scent is cloying.  You push the thought to the back of your head and when you get home, you place it on the fragrance shelf trying not to look at others you spent a lot of money on that don't very often get used....trying not to feel guilty.  Here are some uses:

  1. 1. Give it to a friend
  2. Use it as bathroom freshener or air freshener
  3. Use it to scent a room or the car (as you leave it parked for the night)
  4. Spray it inside your partner's/kids whiffy trainers
  5. Scent the laundry basket
  6. Spray it on the envelope that contains your tax return...not!


you've decided to switch to another brand (hopefully MERUMAYA!) and you cannot wait to get started but don't want to waste the old moisturiser or serum.   Use it after a shower on targeted area's of your body e.g. bottom, tops of thighs, stomach, caesarian skin (fully healed of course), decolletage, neck, backs of arms.

Cut open Melting Cleansing Balm to get a few more luxury cleanses[/caption] Cut open tubes when you can no longer squeeze any more product out and scoop out the remaining drops. There have been a number of bloggers who have posted photos of their cut open tubes on Melting Cleansing Balm which, by the way, is less than half the price of other well-know cleansing balms.  


you bought a new one and it feels too 'wet', so lashes are not thickening quickly enough and are sticking together.  Continue to use your old mascara for the first 1/2 coats and then use the new one for another coat or two.  Exposing the new mascara's wand to air, helps to dry/thicken the new mascara, until it is at the optimum, build-able consistency. Maleka Recommends: I find budget mascaras very effective and it is one of  my 'desert island' products. The Max Factor Masterpiece is a favourite and less than ten pounds.    

 Surely there cannot be a woman walking who has not bought the wrong colour?  If it is too dark, buy another lighter shade and mix. If too light in colour, do the opposite.  This way you can change the shade to suit how tanned you are or not through the seasons/holidays etc and maximise your money.  If it is not giving enough coverage, mix in some of your concealer on the back of your hand before applying. If it is too heavy, mix in some serum to lighten the load. If it is too drying/matte, mix in some moisturiser and you can do that for concealer, by mixing with  a fairy light eye cream too.    

Shampoo & Conditioner

If you are feeling a little broke, compromise on the Shampoo brand and stick with your Conditioner.  Bought a conditioner that does not do enough for your hair?  Use it to lubricate your legs before shaving them.


Everywhere you go the celebrity's endorsing big makeup brands, are wearing red lipstick.  You decide it is time to try brilliant red lips again, to be on-trend, to look sultry and confident, just like Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley.  If you are not used to it, you feel like a largemouth walking towards everyone. Really conscious. Before you sling this in the back of the drawer, I say have another go. This time, apply with a fingertip so that it is a bit more smudgy and stain-like.  If it still does not work, mix in a neutral colour to soften the look but still retain a brighter tone.  Add some pale lip gloss in the centre of the lips. If none of that works, do a swap with a friend. Maleka recommends: CID cosmetics do a really 'neutral' red called Damson if you want a more muted red lipstick.

Acid Toners

Ouch! That's a bit sore! Blotches...nice look!  Stop! Before you abandon this product and waste more money, try it out on damp/wet cotton wool and see if that helps to get your skin accustomed to that level of activity. Tip: Look out for our launch of Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ which  Caroline Hirons has been testing and Instagramming. Our customers who tested it were thrilled with the exfoliating results, without the sting.

Body Creams

You chose one that smells of chocolate, cucumber, celery infused tomato... because you love eating them.  Then you realise that you don't actually enjoy smelling of them.... hold your horses! How about spritzing a citrusy fragrance into the cream and mixing in your hands before massaging in to your body? If not, how about using as a foot cream and perhaps legs too where the whiff of the allotment wont reach your nose?


I hope this helps you to avoid wasting your money and feeling bad about it.  Please share this post with your friends; we have all been in this boat and can help each other to save important £'s. Please add your own tips in the comments on how you avoid wasting cosmetics. 

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