Anti-aging face serums - the truth

Anti-ageing face serums or as I prefer, face serums that help you age youthfully, are considered an essential part of your skincare routine.  They can be skin transforming, dealing with dullness, lines, elasticity, pigmentation, sensitivity and hydration.  Good face serums can take your skin from good, to great. They are the true workhorse in any skincare regime.  Here's my top 5 tips on why and what to look out for; 1. Face serums tend to be more liquidy so absorb faster.  They have a higher concentration of active ingredients and are designed to absorb deeper into your skin. Use on a freshly cleaned skin morning and night.

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Tips - some are a tad too liquid and feel a bit like the 'Emperor's clothes'.  When very liquid, face serums can leave a tight feeling behind, that can irritate sensitive skins and dry skins.  If too light, even oily skins will have to use a moisturiser as well.  Iconic Youth Serum™ is rich, hydrating, packed full on anti-inflammatories that calm sensitive skin, acne prone skin and aggressors that cause skin ageing. 2. The additional concentration of active ingredients in face serum, does make the formula more expensive but that does not mean that you have to be fleeced (unless you want to). Tips - Look out for ingredient lists on websites, especially ones where they explain the active ingredients.  Look out for multiple different weights of hyaluronic acid, especially the low weight Primal Hyall - that makes sure you hydrate in deeper layers of the skin.  Look out for brand statements, that the active ingredients are used at clinically tested levels.  In the link below, click on the tab Active Ingredients for an example of what to look for on an ingredient page 3. A lot of brands have several different face serums, that address different needs e.g. brightening face serum, hydrating face serum, anti-ageing face serum, anti-oxidant face serum etc. Addressing signs of skin ageing is not usually one dimensional and most of us are not going to use 2-3 different face serums each morning. Tip - The signs of skin ageing are multiple so chose a face serum that prevents as well as perfects a number of different signs of skin ageing, at once.  Radiance improves every skin, elasticity keeps skin looking youthful, evening out skin tone/pigmentation/acne scars and lines give a clearer complexion and good hydration, through all layers of the skin, is the most important factor in keeping skin youthful.  All of these are addressed in Iconic Youth Serum™. 4. There is a lot of advice on best face serums and best anti-ageing face serums available. Tip - Bear in mind that the writer has not tried all on the market, that the writer has some natural and some have commercial biases.  Look out for words like; 'written in collaboration with xxxbrandname and promotion and sponsored.  Check customer reviews, especially on websites that do not provide any incentive to the reviewer.  For example, we do not give loyalty points in return for reviews so that you know it was a true opinion.
Customer review MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum
5. Be confident. Only you, know how your skin behaves, how much time you are prepared to allocate, how much you are prepared to spend and how many multiple products you are prepared to use.  Be informed and then make your decision. In conclusion, I believe with all my heart that face serum is an important part of every skincare routine and it is worth the additional cost and 20 seconds.  What do you think?

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