Allure Magazine bans ANTI-aging.

Allure Magazine bans ANTI-aging.
Allure Magazine has banned the word anti-aging (anti-ageing in English English) with immediate effect.  They say  'Whether we know it or not, we’re subtly reinforcing the message that aging is a condition we need to battle — think antianxiety meds, antivirus software, or antifungal spray'.

helen mirren allure bans anti-ageing anti-aging antiageing antiaging loreal merumaya skincareThis has been the core message MERUMAYA has stood for since our launch almost 5 years ago. We've been banging on about youthful ageing being so much more positive (and achievable) than ANTI-ageing, which is negative and implies there is something wrong.  Here are the upsides and downsides:

• It's great for women that a huge magazine is taking this initiative, even if (as the more cynical among us would say), it is an attempt to take a stand, for commercial reasons or that magazines and journalists, have a great deal of responsibility to bear . I'm pleased, because it comes to the attention of a wide audience of women and provokes our thoughts. 

• If I am completely honest, it is also a bit irksome to me, that despite we at MERUMAYA promoting the message of youthful ageing vs anti-ageing, it takes a big American corporate magazine, to get the attention of the British journalist/press.  Hello...There was a British-made brand, with this positive message about ageing youthfully and it could have been presented as a British initiative. Now it is yet another story/initiative by an American Corporate that Brit journalists 'pick up' and we follow, when it was here all along.  We should be celebrating, supporting and promoting our own - just like every other nation does. 




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• The other thing that is a tad annoying, is that once a large American Magazine makes this statement, it is only a matter of time before a large American Corporate Beauty Company picks this up and exploits it for certain commercial gain. But it will most likely be marketing spin to achieve profit that pleases shareholders, rather than a true change of attitude.  With that, will follow more cynicism and mistrust by the consumer. I worry that will cast us, (MERUMAYA), in the same vein, when we have been absolutely genuine in our message.  Infact, it was central to MERUMAYA DNA because, having been in Beauty corporates for 27 years, I was sick of the manipulation, the undermining of women's confidence, the fear that is created and frankly, the duping of women with false claims, green-washing, scaremongering, celebrity ambassadors, influence over editorial because of advertising and promotional spend, etc.

•  Look out for and stay away from any people/magazines/e-zines/bloggers getting really pious or high-handed about this.  Especially those that are paid for endorsements/collaborations by magazines and beauty corporations.  The idea is not to swap one set of guilt and insecurity for another set.  That is NOT the point.

helen-mirren-allure-cover-september-2017-merumaya-anti-ageing-antiaging-loreal-advert-fuck-all•  Allure, joined a host of other magazines and newspapers in using Helen Mirren as the poster girl of perfect attitude to ageing. It misses that aging and her huge success and wealth has contributed enormously to her care-not attitude. Although I really admire her for a number of things, I cannot help but question that she took what is likely to be £Millions from L'Oreal, then said the products 'probably do f__k all'.  At first I thought it was funny however, on thinking it through, I am dismayed.  She knows full well that she has been encouraging millions of women all over the world to buy L'Oreal products that she does not believe work, while her image sits next to all the L'Oreal anti-aging claims. That is a bit disdainful towards other women. I'm alright Jack, just banked a few million. Anyone who buys Age Perfect and other L'Oreal products just paid for that fee.

•  Excluding 'anti-ageing' from our narrative does not mean that we should do nothing to look, feel and live youthfully.  Our message has always been that youthfulness involves more than just the 36 sq. inches of your face. It means that we should learn to value ourselves more and certainly for more than just our looks. Stop for a second and admire your body and all it does. It means that we should learn to be more accepting and appreciative of ourselves, which will lead to feeling more confident and happy.  It means that we should take whatever measures we want, to preserve our visible, physical and emotional youthfulness, without judgement.  It also means that we should put more importance on ourselves and other women. For MERUMAYA, it is all the above and most of all INclusiveness....all women accepted regardless.

So, in conclusion,  before you rush out to buy all the magazines and products that have been repackaged with the words 'anti-aging and anti-ageing' air brushed out, consider what you really think, what you really believe and what you want to do to age youthfully... Or not. And do that without fear of not being part of the herd that follows the pack. Remember #BeautyHasNoAge ... Truly.

Finally, I ask the women of the UK to stand together, support our own first and foremost; ourselves, other women, our daughters and women who have created, with their heart and souls, small businesses of the future, where you will find hidden gems of truth and integrity.  With that, I hope you will feel happier and more confident.

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