Acid toners - should I use them?

There has been a sharp rise in the use of acid toners in recent years and along with that, an increase in the yells of 'ouch'! redness, irritation.  And, it is not just sensitive skins that have experienced this. Acid toners, exfoliate the skin, removing surface dead skin cells that sweep away the 'grey'.  The many benefits to skin are; brightening, smoother texture, more even skin tone, minimise the appearance of pores, sheer make up application, control acne-prone skin, treatment products absorb better. balances oily skins....and the list of benefits goes on
. Dewy skin how acid toners AHA BHA Generally acid toners contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, but they do not have to be as harsh as they sound. It is all a question of balance in the formula and, the user adapting usage instructions, to their own skin's behaviour. MERUMAYA best Gentle Exfoliating Toner AHA gylcolic  Our Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ contains 15% of ‘Natural AHA Complex’, which is the maximum permitted level of that ingredient and  equates to 10% actual AHA's.  That is a very effective level to get all the wonderful skin benefits listed above. However, we have balanced that with Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine and Glycerin, to ensure your skin is left feeling hydrated, plump, comfortable and soft.  Even more sensitive skins have been able to use it without irritation.  While acne-prone and dry skins, are not completely stripped of essential hydration. We suggest that you use Gentle Exfoliating Toner™ once or twice a day.  This flexible direction is because; a) you may be using other exfoliating products so, once a day is sufficient. b) you may have exceptionally reactive skin and once a day or even just a few times a week is enough c) Whether it is a brand, blogger or magazine giving you beauty advice, none of us knows your skin's behaviour, lifestyle, budget, time availability etc., better than you do,  So, you are best placed to decide how often to use acid toners.  In addition, AHA's give immediate benefits and are not one of those active ingredients that you must use twice a day, every day in order to achieve the benefits. It's always a good idea to use SPF protection on your skin every day and especially recommended if you are using exfoliators, including acid toners. MERUMAYA best Treatment Toner Essence Korean skincare Vitamin C brightening That said, you might not want to use acid toners or you might already be using other exfoliating methods.  In that case, there are other ways to brighten, hydrate and plump your skin, as well as prepare it for the other treatment products.  Our Treatment Toner™ was created by request of customers.  It contains, Hyaluronic Acid, Brown and Micro Algae and Betaine, to give a serious dose of hydration and plumping.  In addition, the inclusion of a Vitamin C, that only activates upon contact with your skin, provides excellent brightening.  As well as maintaining a youthful glow, it helps to 'layer' moisture into the skin. Whatever your scenario, I suggest, you take advice from a few sources, making sure that some of it was not sponsored/paid for, add your knowledge of you to the equation and then make a decision on what is right for you. If you enjoy my blog posts, may I ask you to share with your friends and family please?  With no advertising budget, it really helps us to get word out about MERUMAYA.  Also, I am committed to helping women feel fabulous about themselves at any age and to feel confident to make their own informed, beauty decisions. What are your thoughts and experiences using acid toners? Who do you feel comfortable taking beauty advice from?


  • This was very helpful Maleka. There is so much importance placed on using acid toners one gets the impression that we all need them! Any comments about using prescription retin A….I wonder whether we are being encouraged to remove a layer of skin that ultimately we need. I wonder what the opinion will be in years to come and whether we will have ‘overdone’ it?

  • Hello Brid. Thank you for taking the time to comment. You are so right to question. In the end, what I am saying is that we should be informed and then add our knowledge of ourselves and make the decision. There is no, single correct way, just as there is no single skin type. Some of it is trial and error and being confident to experiment. My next post is entitled Exfoliation – How much is too much? Prescription Retin A might be considered hard-core, as far as skin care is concerned. That said, it is usually under medical supervision. Anything, including exfoliation can be overdone and leave the skin vulnerable to damage. I would recommend not doing too much at one time – e.g. if using Retinol in the evening, perhaps leave the Gentle Exfoliating Toner for the morning. If using more than one preparation for the purposes of exfoliation, be aware of how your skin behaves, how it looks, how it reacts to daylight, how it feels, how it reacts to other products and advance or retreat as needed. I’d love you to come and do some filming with us. Let me know if you are amenable. regards


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