73% Of 104 Women... What Is Clinically Tested?

73% Of 104 Women... What Is Clinically Tested?

Clinically Tested 73% of 104 women said their skin looked younger. My Husband asks, 'Is 73% a miracle'?

Those are subjective, consumer trials (not to be confused with clinical tests) and the results are wholly about what the user detects or perceives, as differences in the way their skin looks and feels. A panel of consumers will be given a product, hopefully generically named and packaged and asked to use it in a particular way, for a given period of time and then provide answers to specific questions about their experience.  On the whole, they are perfectly legitimate but should not be mistaken for Clinically Tested or Trialed.

At MERUMAYA, once I am happy with the formula of a new product, I invite our email data base, to test the formula and provide a review at the end of the test.  I use it to ensure that I am creating a product that is relevant to you and that delivers great results, to the widest audience.  We try to ensure a good cross section of ages, skin types, tones, genders etc.  If we pick up any negative patterns, we are able to adjust the formula before we proceed to manufacture.  We use those comments, so that you have knowledge right from launch, of how customers reacted to the product. Clinical Tests are conducted in labs, using measuring apparatus to physically measure the differences in skin and can be considered more objective. For example a corneometer might be used to measure an increase in moisture in the skin.  Clinical tests are detailed, measured at several points during the trial term, including day 0, a mid and end point and are usually at least 28 days long. These measurements are taken by clinicians and recorded meticulously for each individual and collectively for the group. Most times there will be a bench mark placebo being tested alongside and the panel will not know which they have been given.  The measurements between placebo and the ingredient/product being tested are relevant too, because even the most innocuous cream will have some effect on the skin. Most times it is individual ingredients, that have clinical tests because the manufacturer of that ingredient needs to prove efficacy, in order to sell ingredients to cosmetic manufacturers.  It is less often that the final formula will be clinically tested, due mostly to the cost of conducting this type of testing.  However, if the active ingredients are evidence-based, and IF, they are used in the full concentration and same number of applications per day, as were clinically tested, they will likely perform in the formula. As a customer who is not a cosmetic scientist, you are unlikely to be able to ascertain the concentrations of active ingredients in the formula so, don't be afraid to ask the brand, if they are clinically tested and if they have been used at the same concentrations.  At MERUMAYA, all our treatment products contain a multitude of active ingredients that have all been clinically tested (evidence-based) and we use them in the very same concentrations or higher, than they were tested; no skimping.  One of our guiding Pillar Principles is Performance and we take that very seriously.

That said, when we were creating the Skin Brilliance Supplements™, I had a lab run clinical tests, over a 45 day period and a second set of clinical tests combining the supplements with Iconic Youth Serum™.  I was keen to do this because it is something you ingest and also because I had a deep belief that inside-out and simultaneous outside-in treatment would show exponential results and wanted to prove it.  Happily the results were incredible as you can see below. Blue is the Skin Brilliance Supplements™ alone and Red shows when they are used in conjunction with Iconic Youth Serum™.  A Corneometer was used to measure moisture improvement and a Torquemeter was used to measure firmness and elasticity.    

Clinically tested MERUMAYA supplements Iconic Youth Serum

For both consumer and clinical trials, the panel may or may not be paid to participate.  At MERUMAYA we do not pay anyone to participate in our trials because I am very keen that you should be confident, that all customer comments on our website are true and were not incentivised.  That is also why we do not offer loyalty points for customer reviews. So, what do you think about all this? Please add your comments below; it's great to have discussion around these topics as it leads to greater transparency, less confusion and more confident buying decisions.

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