10 years younger! ANTI-ageing. Miracles! Had enough of spin doctors?

10 Years Younger. ANTI-ageing.  Miracle. Face-lift in a bottle. Venom. Removes flaws. Chemical-Free. No nasties. Eliminate your imperfections!

Miracle anti-ageing moisturiser

Why are we buying 'miracles'?

Research tells us that:
- women don't believe hyped up anti-ageing claims and yet, continue to buy brands that tout 'miracles'.
- women want minimal, sustainable packaging and yet, anti-ageing brands that are over-packaged tend to sell better
- women are suspicious of the motives of large corporates, paid for product reviews, celebrity endorsement of anti-ageing creams and advertising and yet...you get the picture, right?
- we want a stronger economy and yet, we keep buying French and American brands, rather than giving brands manufactured in Britain at try.

We set out to create a brand that swims against the industry tide.


We love all, perfectly imperfect women (and men), whilst others seek to correct your ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’.

You are always 'cool' enough to be in our tribe.  We strive to build your beauty-confidence, in an industry that is often accused of breeding insecurity and low self-esteem. Free From BS and 'Miracles'.
We are all about evidence-based results, whilst others sell ‘miracles' and anecdotes. We formulate using the full   clinical concentration of each active ingredient; nothing is diluted in the name of cost savings or shareholders' dividends. Although we don’t use so-called ‘nasty’ ingredients, we think ‘free-from’ statements, create unnecessary fear, a lot of the time. It’s a bit like the ‘Emperor’s Clothes’, buying what is not   in it and can even divert you away, from the important question ‘what is IN the product, which backs up
 the claims’

We celebrate the positivity of Youthful Ageing, Best Melting Cleansing Balm MERUMAYAwhilst others talk Anti-Ageing.
If you are ageing, give the air a punch of joy, the alternative is not so good! There is no shame in ageing nor in taking any steps you wish, to look more youthful.  From soap and water to surgery, do as you please, without judgement. We know that effective skincare is an essential part of youthful ageing, as are confidence, happiness and good health.
We pleasure your senses and save your precious time, whilst others add bore, chore & more to your skincare routine
Our Signature Essence Blend smells divine and our sensorial textures ensure that even cleansing delights you.
We 'get' the beauty trials of teens & tweens, whilst others see millennials as a ‘marketing’ opportunity.
We know you are savvy, informed and are turned off by brands who try to dupe you. We hope to gain your trust with our open communication, message and skin benefits.
We believe that INclusivity is vital, in an industry that thrives on EXclusivity. 
From -17 to 70+ and in every variation of human being, you are always cool enough to be in our tribe.
We build our reputation on unpaid customer/blogger/press/vlogger reviews, whilst corporates are obsessed with paid-for celebrity and influencer endorsements.
We want your trust and therefore, clearly define ‘editorail/opinion’ vs. paid advertising/promotion/sponsorship.  We are obsessed with customers being central to our brand, so we can stay relevant to you.
MERUMAYA Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil Cacay Oil
We dispel the myth that only super-high prices equal super-high performance. 
Our premium products out-perform very high end competitors and are offered at accessible prices, by keeping our margins low.
We manufacture all products in Britain’s factory’s, whilst some ‘Made In Britain’ brands, are manufactured overseas and just put in the carton in the UK.
We want to support our economy and help save jobs.
Our evidence-based, sensorial skincare, helps you feel beautiful, uplifts confidence and boosts youthful radiance. Loaded with anti-inflammatories, even sensitive and acneic skins can finally enjoy the benefits of effective formulae, that soothe as they perform.  We seek to create more positivity and happiness in your life and to earn your trust.  Thus, we are free from BS, ‘miracles’, judgement, over-claiming, over-packaging and over-pricing.  Our mission is that you feel confident, INcluded, beautiful and relevant, at every age.
 Give us a try. What have you got to lose?

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